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CSI: Miami Season 7 Full Episodes Online

Season 7, Episode 24
Full Episode (44:21)
The CSIs investigate the case of a man boiled alive, Julia spirals out of control, and one of the team's darkest secrets comes to light

Collateral Damage
Season 7, Episode 23
Full Episode (44:13)
Horatio and the team work to figure out why a seemingly normal family was targeted in a brutal grenade attack

Dead On Arrival
Season 7, Episode 22
Full Episode (43:49)
When a reality star is murdered, the CSIs delve into the scandalous, sexy world of a TV dating show

Season 7, Episode 21
Full Episode (43:12)
A murder case involving extreme plastic surgery leads Horatio to Ron Saris, who is alive and seeking revenge on Julia

Wolfe In Sheep's Clothing
Season 7, Episode 20
Full Episode (42:41)
When a boy's life is in danger, Ryan is forced to betray Horatio and the team

Target Specific
Season 7, Episode 19
Full Episode (44:01)
A home invasion becomes much more when the team finds out they're being targeted by the Russian mob

Flight Risk
Season 7, Episode 18
Full Episode (42:53)
When a flight attendant is murdered, the CSIs uncover all the dirty secrets of airplane travel

Divorce Party
Season 6, Episode 17
Full Episode (44:26)
The CSIs make a shocking discovery about their murder victim, while Horatio tries to save his son from Julia's erratic behavior

Sink Or Swim
Season 7, Episode 16
Full Episode (43:51)
When pirates take over a luxury yacht, Delko's future as a CSI is threatened just as his relationship with Calleigh moves to the next level

Presumed Guilty
Season 7, Episode 15
Full Episode (44:27)
Horatio and the team go head-to-head with a defense attorney who may be involved in a murder cover-up

Smoke Gets In Your CSI's
Season 7, Episode 14
Full Episode (44:26)
Alexx Woods returns when a murderer puts Calleigh and Ryan's lives at risk

And They're Offed
Season 7, Episode 13
Full Episode (44:25)
When a murder occurs during a horse race, Horatio discovers that Ryan has a personal connection to the case

Head Case
Season 7, Episode 12
Full Episode (44:16)
The CSIs use radical technology to unlock the secrets of a man's mind when he shows up covered in blood with no memory of where he's been

Tipping Point
Season 7, Episode 11
Full Episode (44:00)
The CSI team, with the help of local tipsters, fights to save a neighborhood on the brink of being taken over by a violent street gang

The Deluca Motel
Season 7, Episode 10
Full Episode (44:25)
When a shooter targets the motel where Delko is staying, Horatio must look into Delko's past to find the killer

Power Trip
Season 7, Episode 9
Full Episode (44:12)
When a savage killer runs rampant in Miami, Horatio must intervene to stop a member of the police force from getting too close to the case

Gone Baby Gone
Season 7, Episode 8
Full Episode (43:33)
When a murderer kidnaps an innocent baby, Horatio and the team must find him before the child becomes his next victim

Cheating Death
Season 7, Episode 7
Full Episode (44:15)
A man is found handcuffed and stabbed in his hotel room, while a prank at the lab causes a rift in the CSI team and threatens their investigation

Wrecking Crew
Season 7, Episode 6
Full Episode (44:24)
A 200-foot crane crashes into a Miami high rise, putting Calleigh and Delko in jeopardy and killing Horatio's best hope of catching a renowned crime boss

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