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Heroes - Season 3 (Full Episodes Online)

Note: NBC shows are numbered quite misleading. It looks as if the episodes are numbered in the hundreds. But in reality, NBC just combines the season and the episode number together. For example, episode 101 means first episode of the first season.

  • An Invisible Thread Play

    Ep. 325: An Invisible Thread

    Sylar rampages through the 24 hours leading up to his bid for total world domination as the rest of the Heroes race to stop him, once and for all.

    Original Airdate: 04/27/09

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • I Am Sylar Play

    Ep. 324: I Am Sylar

    Sylar endures a threatening crisis of identity, only to grab for the brass ring, Nathan's life.

    Original Airdate: 04/20/09

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • 1961 Play

    Ep. 323: 1961

    The Petrelli clan digs into Angela's past at Coyote Sands to uncover the roots of the Company.

    Original Airdate: 04/13/09

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Turn and Face the Strange Play

    Ep. 322: Turn and Face the Strange

    The Petrelli clan descends upon Coyote Sands, the site of the government's abandoned Project Icarus, which went badly awry in the 1960s.

    Original Airdate: 04/06/09

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Into Asylum Play

    Ep. 321: Into Asylum

    As the Petrelli family goes underground, Danko throws in with Sylar to take down a shape shifter.

    Original Airdate: 03/30/09

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Cold Snap Play

    Ep. 320: Cold Snap

    Rebel is finally revealed! Can Tracy overcome her self-serving nature to save Rebel's life? Swoosie Kurtz guest stars.

    Original Airdate: 03/23/09

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Shades of Gray Play

    Ep. 319: Shades of Gray

    Sylar meets his father; Claire reluctantly saves Doyle; and Nathan fires Danko, with dangerous results.

    Original Airdate: 03/09/09

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Exposed Play

    Ep. 318: Exposed

    Claire finds an unexpected ally in Sandra, while Matt and Peter infiltrate Building 26 in search of Daphne.

    Original Airdate: 03/02/09

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Cold Wars Play

    Ep. 317: Cold Wars

    Mohinder, Peter and Matt kidnap H.R.G. so they can read his mind and figure out their next step.

    Original Airdate: 02/23/09

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Building 26 Play

    Ep. 316: Building 26

    Nathan's new boss, Abby Collins doesn't believe in his project, while the mysterious Rebel continues to reach out to save lives.

    Original Airdate: 02/16/09

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Trust and Blood Play

    Ep. 315: Trust and Blood

    In the aftermath of the plane crash, the Hunter's tactics sow the seeds of war.

    Original Airdate: 02/09/09

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • A Clear and Present Danger Play

    Ep. 314: A Clear and Present Danger

    After outing himself to the President, Nathan is charged with rounding up everyone with special abilities in the interest of homeland security.

    Original Airdate: 02/02/09

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Dual Play

    Ep. 313: Dual

    Peter and Hiro rush to destroy the formula, while Sylar forces Claire to choose between saving her father or Angela.

    Original Airdate: 12/15/08

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Our Father Play

    Ep. 312: Our Father

    Claire and Hiro change the course of the catalyst 16 years ago, while Nathan experiments with it in the present.

    Original Airdate: 12/08/08

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • The Eclipse - Part II Play

    Ep. 311: The Eclipse - Part II

    As the eclipse wanes, powers return with unforeseen results.

    Original Airdate: 12/01/08

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • The Eclipse - Part I Play

    Ep. 310: The Eclipse - Part I

    As the prophesied eclipse gets underway, the heroes are surprised when their powers evaporate, just when they need them most.

    Original Airdate: 11/24/08

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • It's Coming Play

    Ep. 309: It's Coming

    With a catastrophic event on the way, Arthur and Angela gather their people to their respective sides, as Hiro languishes under the belief that he's ten years old.

    Original Airdate: 11/17/08

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Villains Play

    Ep. 308: Villains

    Hiro's spirit walk takes him back in time one year, to the events surrounding the "death" of Arthur Petrelli.

    Original Airdate: 11/10/08

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Eris Quod Sum Play

    Ep. 307: Eris Quod Sum

    At Angela's behest, Sylar goes after Peter, only to be recruited to Pinehearst.

    Original Airdate: 10/27/08

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Dying of the Light Play

    Ep. 306: Dying of the Light

    Hiro and Ando meet Usutu; Matt meets Daphne; Claire saves Meredith from Doyle; Peter finds his father alive, only to be drained of his powers.

    Original Airdate: 10/20/08

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • Angels and Monsters Play

    Ep. 305: Angels and Monsters

    Claire's efforts to help result in the suicide of a Level 5 escapee, while Daphne rallies an army of specials for Linderman.

    Original Airdate: 10/13/08

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • I Am Become Death Play

    Ep. 304: I Am Become Death

    While Matt dreams of the future, Peter meddles in it to gain Sylar's abilities.

    Original Airdate: 10/06/08

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • One of Us, One of Them Play

    Ep. 303: One of Us, One of Them

    H.R.G. and Sylar form an unlikely partnership to capture the escaped Level 5 villains.

    Original Airdate: 09/29/08

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • The Butterfly Effect Play

    Ep. 302: The Butterfly Effect

    A crisis at The Company allows a dozen powerful villains to escape Level 5, along with H.R.G.

    Original Airdate: 09/22/08

    Available Until: 08/01/09

  • The Second Coming Play

    Ep. 301: The Second Coming

    Peter visits from the future to alter the course of history.

    Original Airdate: 09/22/08

    Available Until: 08/01/09

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