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Knight Rider - Season 1 (Full Episodes Online)

Note: NBC shows are numbered quite misleading. It looks as if the episodes are numbered in the hundreds. But in reality, NBC just combines the season and the episode number together. For example, episode 101 means first episode of the first season.

  • I Love the Knight Life Play

    Ep. 117: I Love the Knight Life

    Mike and KITT must find an experimental serum that maximizes physical strength before the bad guys sell it on the world market.

    Original Airdate: 03/04/09

    Available Until: 09/20/09

  • Knight and the City Play

    Ep. 116: Knight and the City

    Mike helps out an old friend whose bar business mysteriously becomes dangerous after the untimely death of her father.

    Original Airdate: 02/18/09

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • Fly By Knight Play

    Ep. 115: Fly By Knight

    Mike and KITT are running out of time to help a kidnapped young boy before he is killed.

    Original Airdate: 02/11/09

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • Fight Knight Play

    Ep. 114: Fight Knight

    Mike infiltrates an underground fighting club that preys on and exploits military veterans. Tiki Barber and Michael O'Hearn guest star.

    Original Airdate: 02/04/09

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • Exit Light, Enter Knight Play

    Ep. 113: Exit Light, Enter Knight

    Mike tries to stop a bank heist, but instead becomes a hostage; unable to communicate with KITT and his team, Mike tries to get another hostage to help him stop the robbers from escaping.

    Original Airdate: 01/28/09

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • Knight to King's Pawn Play

    Ep. 112: Knight to King's Pawn

    In the wake of Graiman's death, Torres dismantles the SSC and uses KITT's AI to re-activate evil renegade KARR.

    Original Airdate: 01/21/09

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • Day Turns Into Knight Play

    Ep. 111: Day Turns Into Knight

    As Rivai clings to life by a thread, the team races to stop a bomb-building maniac, who is holding an African ambassador captive. Rivai survives only to learn that she'll never work in the field again, and Graiman dies in a plane crash.

    Original Airdate: 01/14/09

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • Don't Stop the Knight Play

    Ep. 110: Don't Stop the Knight

    When a foreign ambassador is kidnapped amidst peace talks, Mike is sent on an endless string of mini-missions by her kidnapper, a maniacal bomb-building terrorist.

    Original Airdate: 01/07/09

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • Knight Fever Play

    Ep. 109: Knight Fever

    Mike must stop the spread of a nanovirus that infects KITT and threatens total global meltdown.

    Original Airdate: 12/31/08

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • Knight of the Zodiac Play

    Ep. 108: Knight of the Zodiac

    Mike goes undercover in Vegas to bust a money laundering operation, while Graiman spars with an old rival/lover.

    Original Airdate: 11/19/08

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • I Wanna Rock and Roll All Knight Play

    Ep. 107: I Wanna Rock and Roll All Knight

    Things get hot and heavy when Sarah and Mike are tasked with bringing in a congressman's daughter and her boyfriend, an anarchist web terrorist.

    Original Airdate: 11/12/08

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • Knight of the Living Dead Play

    Ep. 106: Knight of the Living Dead

    The team races to identify the infiltrator who activated KITT's self-destruct program.

    Original Airdate: 11/05/08

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • Knight of the Hunter Play

    Ep. 105: Knight of the Hunter

    Michael and KITT team with a foxy MI6 agent to take down a European bank robber working undercover as a right-wing militia leader.

    Original Airdate: 10/22/08

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • A Hard Day's Knight Play

    Ep. 104: A Hard Day's Knight

    While undercover as a courier, Mike is injected with a time release poison, which will kill him if he doesn't make his delivery on time.

    Original Airdate: 10/15/08

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • Knight of the Iguana Play

    Ep. 103: Knight of the Iguana

    Zoe plays Mike's undercover lover to help take down a gang of surfing smugglers.

    Original Airdate: 10/08/08

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • Journey to the End of the Knight Play

    Ep. 102: Journey to the End of the Knight

    Mike goes undercover as a street racer to take down a smuggling ring.

    Original Airdate: 10/01/08

    Available Until: 09/11/09

  • A Knight In Shining Armor Play

    Ep. 101: A Knight In Shining Armor

    Mike and KITT are assigned a seemingly easy package delivery, until they realize the package is actually a man with vital top secret code in his DNA.

    Original Airdate: 09/24/08

    Available Until: 09/11/09

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