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Miami Vice - Season 1 (Full Episodes Online)

Note: NBC shows are numbered quite misleading. It looks as if the episodes are numbered in the hundreds. But in reality, NBC just combines the season and the episode number together. For example, episode 101 means first episode of the first season.

  • Lombard Play

    Ep. 122: Lombard

    Crockett and Tubbs are assigned to protect a crime boss scheduled to testify against another mobster.

    Original Airdate: 05/10/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Evan Play

    Ep. 121: Evan

    Bad memories make Crockett reluctant to work on a case involving an undercover operative.

    Original Airdate: 05/03/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Nobody Lives Forever Play

    Ep. 120: Nobody Lives Forever

    Crockett's new romance distracts him from the investigation of three doped-up teen-agers wreaking havoc in downtown Miami.

    Original Airdate: 03/29/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • The Home Invaders Play

    Ep. 119: The Home Invaders

    Crockett and Castillo track a sadistic gang of thugs running a home burglary operation.

    Original Airdate: 03/15/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Made for Each Other Play

    Ep. 118: Made for Each Other

    Switek and Zito use two of their favorite informants to set up a transaction with a stolen goods dealer.

    Original Airdate: 03/08/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • The Maze Play

    Ep. 117: The Maze

    Tubbs goes undercover as a drifter to resolve a tense hostage situation.

    Original Airdate: 02/22/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Rites of Passage Play

    Ep. 116: Rites of Passage

    An old flame of Tubbs' comes to Miami to search for her missing sister.

    Original Airdate: 02/08/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Smuggler's Blues Play

    Ep. 115: Smuggler's Blues

    Crockett and Tubbs pose as cocaine importers in Colombia to find out who has been ripping off drug smugglers. Glenn Frey guest stars.

    Original Airdate: 02/01/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Golden Triangle, Part 2 Play

    Ep. 114: Golden Triangle, Part 2

    Part 2 of 2. Castillo struggles to capture Gen. Lao Li without risking harm to an old love.

    Original Airdate: 01/18/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Golden Triangle, Part 1 Play

    Ep. 113: Golden Triangle, Part 1

    Part 1 of 2. A routine hotel security assignment leads the detectives to an old enemy of Capt. Castillo's.

    Original Airdate: 01/11/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • The Milk Run Play

    Ep. 112: The Milk Run

    Crockett and Tubbs encounter two naive young men smuggling cocaine-filled statues for a murderous criminal.

    Original Airdate: 01/04/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Little Prince Play

    Ep. 111: Little Prince

    A wealthy young addict leads Crockett and Tubbs into a major operation run by his father.

    Original Airdate: 12/14/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Give a Little, Take a Little Play

    Ep. 110: Give a Little, Take a Little

    Sonny is jailed for refusing to divulge the identity of an informant; Gina's undercover operation nearly costs her her life.

    Original Airdate: 12/07/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Glades Play

    Ep. 109: Glades

    Crockett and Tubbs travel to the Everglades to retrieve a witness in a smuggling case.

    Original Airdate: 11/30/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • The Great McCarthy Play

    Ep. 108: The Great McCarthy

    The detectives use information from a small-time hood to go after a major drug trader.

    Original Airdate: 11/16/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • No Exit Play

    Ep. 107: No Exit

    Crockett and Tubbs reluctantly help government agents in their pursuit of a dangerous arms dealer. Bruce Willis guest stars.

    Original Airdate: 11/09/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • One Eyed Jack Play

    Ep. 106: One Eyed Jack

    Crockett is accused of accepting a bribe while attempting to help an old friend settle her gambling debts with a racketeer.

    Original Airdate: 11/02/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Calderone's Return, Part Two Play

    Ep. 105: Calderone's Return, Part Two

    Part 2 of 2. The vice detectives track Calderone to the Bahamas, where Tubbs becomes involved with the drug lord's daughter.

    Original Airdate: 10/26/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Calderone's Return, Part 1 Play

    Ep. 104: Calderone's Return, Part 1

    Part 1 of 2. Sonny becomes the target of an Argentine hit man working for cocaine dealer Calderone.

    Original Airdate: 10/19/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Cool Runnin' Play

    Ep. 103: Cool Runnin'

    Crockett and Tubbs search for a murderous team of drug rip-off artists.

    Original Airdate: 10/04/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Heart Of Darkness Play

    Ep. 102: Heart Of Darkness

    Crockett and Tubbs break up a powerful pornography operation while dealing with an over-the-edge FBI operative.

    Original Airdate: 09/28/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

  • Pilot Play

    Ep. 101: Pilot

    Two very different vice detectives go after a Colombian drug kingpin in the pilot episode of the explosive, groundbreaking TV series, "Miami Vice".

    Original Airdate: 09/16/84

    Available Until: 01/30/10

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