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NCIS Season 6 Full Episodes Online

Legend, Part 2
Season 6, Episode 23
Full Episode (43:47)
With the appearance of Mossad agent Michael Rivkin, Tony is forced to question Ziva's loyalty to NCIS.

Legend, Part 1
Season 6, Episode 22
Full Episode (43:03)
The body of a Marine leads Gibbs and McGee to the NCIS OSP division in Los Angeles, where a murder investigation quickly climbs to a matter of national security in which the two offices must work together to resolve

Season 6, Episode 21
Full Episode (43:41)
When a government scientist goes missing, Abby is recruited to carry on his work, but the team worries that she may meet the same fate as her predecessor

Dead Reckoning
Season 6, Episode 20
Full Episode (43:45)
Gibbs and the team must work with the shady Trent Kort to put away one of NCIS's most wanted

Hide and Seek
Season 6, Episode 19
Full Episode (43:47)
When a young boy finds a murder weapon, the team must trace ownership of the gun to find who used it last and who was murdered

Season 6, Episode 18
Full Episode (43:46)
A boxer's death leads Vance to start up his own investigation, causing a sparring match with Gibbs

South By Southwest
Season 6, Episode 17
Full Episode (43:36)
The death of a NCIS agent leads Gibbs and Tony into the desert to locate a woman who holds the answer to the mystery

Season 6, Episode 16
Full Episode (43:48)
Gibbs and DiNozzo reverse roles after a murder leads to one of Tony's old investigations being re-opened

Season 6, Episode 15
Full Episode (43:43)
While investigating the death of a Marine, the team finds themselves intertwined in an inner city gang war

Love & War
Season 6, Episode 14
Full Episode (43:44)
A slain sergeant's private life is on full display as the team must determine if a suspected act of treason lead to his death

Broken Bird
Season 6, Episode 13
Full Episode (43:55)
After Ducky is stabbed at a crime scene, the team uncovers disturbing secrets from the good doctor's past

Season 6, Episode 12
Full Episode (43:46)
McGee is held captive in a women's prison after a guard's murder leads to a takeover

Silent Night
Season 6, Episode 11
Full Episode (43:42)
While stuck working on a case over Christmas, the team searches for a suspect presumed dead...and begins to discover some startling personal revelations

Road Kill
Season 6, Episode 10
Full Episode (43:24)
After a petty officer dies in a car crash, the team suspects foul play when their investigation leads them into the violent world of underground street fighting

Season 6, Episode 9
Full Episode (43:41)
The team must rely on information from some questionable individuals to stop a criminal bent on stealing government secrets

Season 6, Episode 8
Full Episode (43:50)
A shocking revelation comes to light after the team is forced into playing a dangerous war game

Collateral Damage
Season 6, Episode 7
Full Episode (43:16)
Gibbs second-guesses his own judgment when Vance assigns him a rookie to aid his team's investigation into a deadly bank robbery

Murder 2.0
Season 6, Episode 6
Full Episode (43:42)
During the week of Halloween, a murderous psychopath taunts the team by using the Internet to leave clues to the next victim's identity

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